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By the early 1970s, the record companies had issued an impressive number of performances of the music of Donald Martino in Long Play format.  A SET FOR CLARINET, for example had been recorded five times!   But with the advent of the CD, these recordings became unavailable.   Now most of these performances have been remastered and appear as CDs; and many new performances have appeared.  A number of Mr. Martino's compositions appear on two different labels, one on three.  Here's what the critics think:

Paradiso Choruses/Saxophone Concerto NEW WORLD CD80529-2: PARADISO CHORUSES: "there is a quality that can be called Italianate: a lyricism of lines which creates singing melody; sensuous warmth in the sounds.  It is not surprising that he has been drawn to Dante.  It is a pity that the Met, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Santa Fe have not been competing to secure the premiere of his "Dante." - New Yorker; "If you share our love of the Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts, you will love this." - AGO-RCCO Magazine; "May well be a masterpiece" - Patriot Ledger      SAXOPHONE CONCERTO: "impresses one first by its exuberance of invention.  The soloist begins with a beautiful singable melody and then proceeds to show the instrument's ability to deck the tune with Chopinesque tracery.  Scoring is irridescent, imaginative, unusual.  This is a captivating piece, richly but elegantly wrought" - New Yorker; "given a first rate reading by Kenneth Radnofsky, whose pitch is true, tone quality warm even in the high register, and whose virtuoso technical skills are of the highest rank" - American record Guide

Fantasies and ImpromptusALBANY TROY CD169: "The highlight of this disc is the breathtaking FANTASIES AND IMPROMPTUS.   If there must be 'a standard literature' it needs to include this composition.  David Holzman is an amazing pianist to listen to, engaging a technique of blazing accuracy in the service of beautiful expressive playing" - American Music; "Donald Martino has written many fine works for the piano, FANTASIES AND IMPROMPTUS is his masterpiece" - David Burge,  concert artist

String Quartet CRICD55: STRING QUARTET (Juilliard String Quartet): " dynamic tension is on the rise throughout, building up steam until the pressure reaches maximum level, at which point it dissipates in an echo of the third movement's pivotal lyric episode.  The playing is as masterly as you would expect it to be, the recorded sound is excellent" - High Fidelity

From the Other Side KOCH CD3-7245-2HI: FROM THE OTHER SIDE: "captivating... playful...who said that academics don't have a sense of humor? One of a series of discs by the Group for Contemporary Music.  Warmly and enthusiastically recommended" -Fanfare


All Recordings Priced at $15.00


CDs"ALBANY TROY CD168, Notturno ( Fl., Cl., Perc, Pf., Vln., Vc., Speculum Musicae), Pianississimo (David Holzman, Pf.) Triple Concerto (A. Blustine, Cl., D. Smylie, Bass Cl., L. Thimmig, Contrabass Cl., The Group for Contemporary Music, H. Sollberger)

bullet.gif (272 bytes)ALBANY TROY CD169, Fantasies and Impromptus, Impromptu for Roger, Piano Fantasy, Twelve Preludes (D. Holzman, Pf.)

bullet.gif (272 bytes)BOSTON RECORDS BR1043CD, Piccolo Studio for Alto Saxophone Solo (Kenneth Radnofski, Saxophone) with music for saxophone by Harbison, McDonald, Tassone, Jacoulov and Theonidis

bullet.gif (272 bytes) CENTAUR CRC CD2173, Fantasies and Impromptus, Pianississimo, Suite in Old Form (E. Garth, Pf.)

bullet.gif (272 bytes) CENTAUR CRC CD2321, Impromptu for Roger, Piano Fantasy, Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, Sonata for Violin and Piano, Trio for Vln., Cl., and Pf., Twelve preludes (E. Garth, Pf., J. Kopperud, Cl., R. Schulte, Vln.)

bullet.gif (272 bytes)CONTEXT CD11012, Quodlibets II (Carlton Vickers, Fl.) with music for flute by Davidovsky, Schenker and others

bullet.gif (272 bytes)CRICD551, String Quartet (Juilliard Quartet) with 1st String Quartet by Lerdahl

bullet.gif (272 bytes)CRICD564, Parisonatina Al'Dodecafonia, Suite of Variations on Medieval Melodies (R. Rider, Vc.) with music for cello by Webern, Berger and others

bullet.gif (272 bytes) CRICD693, AMERICAN MASTERS: Concerto for Wind Quintet (Weisberg, Contemporary Chamber Ensemble), Fantasy-Variations (P. Zukofsky, Vln.), Quodlibets (S. Baron, Fl.), A Set for Clarinet (M. Webster), Strata (D. Smylie, Bass cl.), Trio for Vl., Cl., and Pf. (P Zukofsky, A. Bloom, G. Kalish)

bullet.gif (272 bytes) CRICD762, Parisonatina Al'Dodecafonia (S. Kluksdahl, Vc.) with music for cello by Schuller, Shapey and others

bullet.gif (272 bytes) JRI, J115, Fantasies and Imopromptus (John Cheek) with music by Perkinson

bullet.gif (272 bytes)KOCH CD3-7245-2HI, From the Other Side (Fl., Vc., Pf., Perc.), Notturno (Fl., Cl., Perc., Pf., Vln., Vc., Group for Contemporary Music), Quodlibets II (R. Rudich, Fl.)

bullet.gif (272 bytes) KOCH  CD3-7088-2H1, A Set for Clarinet (John Bruce Yeh) with clarinet music by Boulez and others

bullet.gif (272 bytes) MUSIC & ARTS CD1012, Quodlibets (R. Rudich, Fl.) with solo flute music by Davidovsky, Harbison and others

bullet.gif (272 bytes) NEW WORLD CD80210-2, Seven Pious Pieces for Mixed Chorus a Cappella (John Oliver Chorale) with Mass by Martirano

bullet.gif (272 bytes) NEW WORLD CD80518-2, A Set for Marimba, Parisonatina Al'Dodecafonia (Vc.), Twelve Preludes (Pf.), Canzone e Tarantella (Cl., Vc.), A Jazz Set (Vc., Pf., Perc.), (The Core Ensemble)

bullet.gif (272 bytes) NEW WORLD CD80529-2, Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra ( K. Radnofsky, solo, R. Hoenich, cond., New England Conservatory Orchestra); Paradiso Choruses (Lorna Cooke DeVaron, Cond., New England Conservatory Chorus, soloists, orchestra)

bullet.gif (272 bytes) NEW WORLD CD80546-2, Fantasies and Impromptus (Remastered CD of the premiere LP recording by Randall Hodgkinson) with Sonata No 2 and No 3 by Roger Sessions

bullet.gif (272 bytes) ONGACU CD024-105, A Set for Clarinet (Jonathan Cohler) with other clarinet solo music by Messiaen, Smith, Persichetti and others

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